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Petite Louanne – Lipstick

Petite Louane
An extra durable lipstick in light matte shade that every woman needs.
The lipstick is enriched with hyaluronic acid that smoothens crinkles, gives an immediate puffiness and light texture that doesn't dry your lips, with a delicate menthol for a fresh feel.
The lipstick keeps your lips smooth and full of moisture in a dazzling matte finish!
Long lasting, with a rich pigment and a gentle baby hue to complete any look with a touch of softness.

Primer – Peau de soie

Want to make your makeup look better and last longer? A perfect look needs the perfect base, which is why I created the primer series Peau de Soie! The primer improves the skin’s texture, reduces open pores, smooths crinkles and provides a dreamy matt look. Enriched with rose essence and vitamin E that protects your skin from natural damages.

Serum – Peau de soie

That’s just what our Peau de Soie serum does best. The serum is enriched with hyaluronic acid that provides deep moisturization, a sense of elasticity, a vital shine to your skin, and collagen – a protein that assists in firming and rejuvenating the skin (and as we age our body’s natural production of it decreases). After use, the skin looks smooth and glowing. Now it’s ready for the next stage: makeup.

Le jour de l’amour

More than one just isn't enough? You're absolutely right! Here's a kit for women who need options.
Souvage - the lipstick with the powerful pigment and velvety texture, enriched the lips with moisture and creates a smooth and wrinkle-free look.
The lipstick has a matte finish, doesn't fall apart or dry the lips.
Enriched with vitamin A and almond oil.

Femme Fatale

Velvety soft lips in a variety of hot shades! If you’re short on time but want to always look your

Lèvre Pure

Are your lips suffering from winter blues? It’s time to treat them to our delux express treatment to restore their

Booster de Lèvre

Booster de Lèvre is a lipstick enriched with shea butter, vitamins and natural oils that will make your lips supple and bright. Plus, it smoothens fine lines while adding the extra desired volume.