Hey gorgeous, I鈥檓 Mor 馃槉  I鈥檓 a mother to Joseph, Frank鈥檚 wife and the owner of the brand 鈥淢or Maman Cosmetics. It all started in 2017 when I became a partner at a leading cosmetics company in the States. That was where I started wanting to do something bigger myself.
I started working on developing a new product, that soon became 鈥淢er Rose鈥 鈥 the first tint in Israel. It was sold out the very evening it was launched. That was when I understood that I have to keep on going. My love for aesthetics, beauty and cosmetics brought me to start my own brand that鈥檚 based on a 鈥榝eel-good鈥 atmosphere and a natural beauty ideal.
I鈥檝e been following hot beauty trends worldwide, and I鈥檓 so grateful for having the privilege to create them here, in the Holy Land.
As a mother and women who has an intense and busy life, I know how important self-care is, and how little time we have to address it. Which is why I developed a line of products that were made to make you look your best fast and at minimum effort.
I hired the best experts in the country, and together, we created unique formulas that incorporate natural ingredients. Creating the most pampering and quality products in Israel.
So, it鈥檚 time to say goodbye to all those hours you鈥檝e been wasting in front of the mirror (as if you have any time to spare). Because my goal is to help you put on your makeup quickly and easily. Making you look glamorous, natural and your very best.
Yours truly, Mor.
Mor Maman:
Mor was Israel鈥檚 elected beauty queen in 2014. She was born and raised in Be鈥檈r Sheva, and in 2019, she founded the Mor Maman Cosmetics beauty brand.
She鈥檚 an influencer in the beauty field, with over 130K Instagram followers, where she posts messages about women empowerment, financial independence and the pursuit of dreams.